ONCO-Boost, the first product from HEPHAISTOS-Pharma’s platform, is a natural TLR4 agonist that stimulates the patients’ own immune system to strengthen both innate and adaptive immune systems to strengthen their responses against cold tumors.

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HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is a preclinical biotech company developing the next generation of immunostimulants against cancer, revolutionizing immune stimulation targeting TLR4 with a unique technology for intravenous administration, opening the way to metastatic and hard-to-treat indications.

HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is the laureate of prestigious grants such as BPIFRANCE i-Nov. In 2023, HEPHAISTOS was awarded a 2.5M€ EIC accelerator grant in Europe and is also part of the SyStInn consortium headed by academic partners that received a 9M€ RHU grant from the French National Research Agency, which will part-fund clinical trials on ONCO-Boost. HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is also one of the few innovative companies to be selected for its disruptive potential and supported by the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster.

HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is headquartered in France, with a subsidiary in Liège, Belgium.

Our Investment Rationale

HEPHAISTOS has an impressive set of preclinical data, showing the high potential of their TLR4 agonist ONCO-Boost to tackle solid tumors, particularly in combination with immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors.

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