Sustainable energy systems need ambitious goals, novel technologies, as well as stringent execution. nista develops an AI-powered data analysis software that they offer as an Energy Efficiency as a Service tool for the energy intensive industry.

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Bernhard Petermeier

More and more government policies are promoting and enforcing sustainable energy usage, yet the energy sector is currently lagging in digitalization and in generating actionable 

insights on sustainability and efficiency measures. Data is scattered, and is incompatible, exacerbating near-term actionable decision making in key-industries to pioneer a sustainable future.

With its solution oriented and programming-agnostic approach, nista is setting a brisk new standard in the crowded industrial data analytics space by removing the need for in-house teams or external consultants. nista is a cloud-based no-code data acquisition and analytics software that allows processing time-series data fast, efficiently and intuitively. The software examines data with embedded AI algorithms, and identifies direct, actionable measures for decision makers to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Through offering an ongoing service, nista incentivises periodic improvement habits instead of one-off projects, thus saving the environment, reducing cost and creating a sustainable company culture.

We decided to back nista, as we believe stopping climate change will need a whole new level of interconnected and cross-domain analysis and decision making. With the ever-increasing acceleration of technology adoption, IoT data has reached critical mass, driving the demand for higher level analysis and admin layers of incoming IoT data. In nista’s team we see both IT and IoT specific excellence merging to break current silos and to lead the way into a new class of analytics tools.

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