Transparency and actionable insights are becoming increasingly important in an interconnected world with complex supply chains and increasing disruption risks. Finding, monitoring and analyzing disruption- and sustainability risks is a tremendous challenge for almost every industry. With its technology, prewave is making supply chains more resilient and sustainable.

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AI based, scalable platform to minimize risk

Highly complex supply chains are very sensitive to external, unexpected events and can lead to production disruptions and price instabilities. In addition, more and more regulatory requirements need to be met by producing companies. Prewave is developing a supply chain intelligence platform based on natural language processing of news- and social media channels as well as private data that enables users to detect & predict supplier risks in over 50 languages in real time. 

Broad coverage of risks and prediction of disruptions

Over 100 risk categories like labor and political unrest, financial or legal stress, accidents, natural hazards or CSR or cybersecurity incidents are monitored for thousands of customers and allow constant analysis, risk prediction and supplier evaluation in deep tier-n supply chains, for example in automotive- or commodity industries.

The technology has been initially developed as part of the PhD thesis of Lisa Smith, and together with industry expert Harald Nitschinger the company was started as a spin-off from the Technical University of Vienna. 

We decided to invest as this represents an enabling platform technology with immediate value for B2B clients with applications in a broad spectrum of industries. With the focus on data quality and actionable insights, the company is able to develop into a category leader in the field of supply chain intelligence. 

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