ReCatalyst reduces required platinum in fuel cell catalysts for applications in heavy duty transport, while improving efficiency and durability

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Florian Resch

Hydrogen and proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells are crucial for decarbonizing the energy and transport sectors, especially in heavy-duty transport such as trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships. However, a major challenge is the high quantity of precious and scarce platinum, a critical raw material, used in the electrocatalyst of PEM fuel cells. This makes the technology expensive and difficult to mass produce.

To tackle this issue, ReCatalyst is developing a nano-tech platform for producing next-generation intermetallic platinum-alloy PEM fuel cell catalysts. Their mission is to optimise the use of platinum group metals while improving efficiency and durability.

ReCatalyst was founded in early 2021 by co-founders Tomaž Bizjak and Dr. Matija Gatalo as a spin-off from the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia,. The company's foundations were built through prestigious publicly funded projects like the ERC Proof of Concept 'StableCat,' EIT Raw Materials Accelerator, and EIC Transition 'ENABLER.' Since inception, they have received multiple awards, including EIT Raw Materials Jumpstarter 2020, BASF Innovation Hub 2021, and the Slovenian 'Start-up of the Year' 2023. 

ReCatalyst strongly aligns with our investment thesis: breakthrough lab-developed science transformed into a company with immense commercial potential. Their ambitious goals of reducing platinum usage while enhancing performance and their robust execution across the hydrogen and fuel cell value chain could surpass competitors and unlock new possibilities for PEMFCs and beyond.

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