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Ribbon Biolabs is a synthetic biology leader driving DNA synthesis beyond the limits of current technologies. With their automated, enzyme-based platform, Ribbon Biolabs can provide synthetic DNA molecules without size or sequence limitations at a high level of accuracy and at unprecedented speed.

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Synthetic DNA is a crucial component in the bioeconomy as it is necessary for the development of sustainable solutions and processes to address environmental and societal needs. However, the availability of long and complex DNA reagents is subject to serious bottlenecks. Current technologies either use chemical approaches for the synthesis of short DNA parts or slow and cumbersome protocols for the assembly of gene fragments into longer constructs. This can take weeks to complete and is of very limited throughput, with a significant percentage of sequences deemed impossible to synthesize.

Ribbon Biolabs’ mission is to serve the growing need for synthetic DNA as a fundamental component for innovation in biotechnology and biopharma. The company has developed a novel technology for the fast, automated, and high-throughput synthesis of complex DNA. Ribbon Biolabs addresses the growing market for synthetic DNA of more than 10,000 base pairs (bp) to sub-genomic size (up to 100 kbp), an essential component for biopharmaceutical research and development. With the fully automated process of Ribbon Biolabs, the full genetic constructs can be assembled in one day.

The uniqueness of the innovation lies in the interdisciplinary combination of tools for solving long DNA synthesis challenges that are incurred with other existing conventional approaches. Ribbon Biolab’s proprietary synthesis platform InfiniSynth™ harnesses a synergy of algorithmic sequence processing with combinatorial optimization routines, multiplexed enzymatic reactions in controlled compartments, and robotic automation of molecule assembly. This interplay of computing, biochemistry, and automation enables the fast assembly of multi-Kbp-long DNA strands within hours.

Ribbon Biolabs was founded by the geneticist and computer physicist Harold P. de Vladar and the biochemist Wladimir Labeikovsky, who developed the basic idea behind the technology. 

The company's technology has the potential to revolutionize the way synthetic DNA is produced, making it faster, more efficient and more accessible to a wide range of applications in the bioeconomy.

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