Rivus Batteries

Batteries are needed to store renewable energy – it's not always windy when you want it to be, and the same applies to the hours of sunshine. Rivus’ idea is for gigantic batteries to be placed at solar and wind farms.

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Alexander Schwartz

Solution to a Pressing Problem

There is a race going on globally in the electrical energy storace sector: while no one has yet launched a commercial product in the domain of organic flow batteries, and American startups receive massive support in the USA, Rivus has developed its technology in stealth mode in Sweden. The company is close to developing a first pre-commercial product in its lab at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

The increased need for electricity combined with ever increasing renewable energy production and an increasingly uncertain electricity supply has put energy storage into the centre of the energy transition.

Our Investment Rationale

The advantages of Rivus’ solution are manifold: Rivus' batteries are non-flammable and non-corrosive, thereby they are very safe. The raw material will never run out, and the solution becomes cheaper and greener the more the company scales up - in contrast to today’s batteries that rely on scarce metals that need to be mined and imported.

Dr. Alexander Schwartz, partner at xista science ventures, explains: “The combination of technological progress that Rivus made with initially very limited resources in an important and potentially game-changing field, as well as the excellent team, made Rivus such an attractive investment for us.”

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