Continuing advances in cell and gene therapies (CGT) are transforming how biopharma companies develop treatments and potentially cures for certain diseases like cancer.

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Existing bottlenecks will be solved through technology

However, current CGT manufacturing is burdened by time and labor intensive open, manual processes, uncontrolled unit operations, high lot-to-lot variability and manual documentation requirements, leading to manufacturing costs of up to several hundred thousand dollars per dose. Sarcura combines microfluidics, photonics and silicon chip technology to deliver automated, integrated and modular manufacturing capabilities on a chip. This on-chip functionality enables process management, real-time analytics and quality control on a cellular level, combined in modular functionality incorporated in a closed single-use cartridge.

Interdisciplinary team developing innovative solutions

Founded in 2019 by Daniela Buchmayr together with cell biology expert Erwin Gorjup and microfluidics specialist Martin Fischlechner, the company uses technology that allows the integration of electronic and photonic structures on silicon substrates. For the first device, Sarcura has entered a collaboration with imec, a research hub in nanoelectronics to develop a cytometer for automated cell separation. 

Our investment rationale

We decided to invest as Sarcura combines an interdisciplinary founders team with a research-derived, innovative product for a growing market with a strong need. Besides our investment, we are glad to also support the team with access to lab and office infrastructure at the IST Park.

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