Solgate’s founders combine deep expertise in the biology of solute carriers with unique chemistry-based approaches for accelerated drugging of difficult targets. Current projects are focused on CNS and immunology indications.

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Alexander Schwartz

The Solute Carrier (SLC) superfamily is encoded by 456 genes, of which more than 50% are associated with genetic diseases. Certain SLCs have been successfully drugged, yet for a majority of SLC-linked diseases there are no approved drugs. Solgate is setting out to change the status quo, by employing an iterative fragment-to-hit approach incorporating cell-based screening assays to identify new chemical space as basis for targeted therapies. The company has a growing portfolio of hit-to-lead projects directed towards different SLCs, that will be partnered or further developed in-house. 

Solgate is a spinoff of the Centre for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) in Vienna and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. The co-founders are leading edge researchers with deep knowledge of solute carrier biology through their coordinating role in the IMI RESOLUTE Consortium. The founding team also includes pioneers in applying new chemical approaches to drug design and discovery, such as PROTACs.

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