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Syntropic develops a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment for mental health disorders. Through light stimulation, neural remodeling is activated by instructing the immune cells of the brain to support in healing and recovery.

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Advancing mental health care through enhanced neural plasticity

Syntropic is a pre‑clinical stage medical device company developing new technologies that enhance the brain’s neuroplasticity, allowing for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The ISTA-spinoff is working on light stimulation interventions, enabling neural remodeling activated by instructing the immune cells of the brain to support in healing and recovery. For patients who fail to receive the clinical benefit and/or struggle with the side‑effects of existing therapies, Syntropic offers a new and novel solution that has the potential to provide long‑lasting relief from psychiatric illness. With a focus on accessibility, affordability and patient‑usability, the solution offers significant potential benefits to both patients and healthcare systems.

Our Investment Rationale

Psychiatric disorders have become a severe burden on society, in Europe alone an estimated 90m people live with depression. The standard of care for those people are pharmacological interventions through antidepressants, often with severe side-effects. Based on promising pre-clinical results, the ambitious team of scientists and medtech professionals is developing non-pharmacological, non-invasive technologies to address this pressing medical need.

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