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By means of synthetic biology and genetic code expansion Valanx has developed a novel site-specific protein conjugation platform that allows precise control over conjugation site and number of conjugations on the protein of interest. Based on this platform Valanx is developing a number of cutting-edge biologics towards potential treatments for various indications.

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Valanx is a biotech company that offers a novel, highly precise, versatile and low cost protein conjugation platform and applies it to the development of its own biologics pipeline.

Valanx developed a production system to incorporate its proprietary synthetic amino acids into arbitrary proteins at any position in multiple copies. Using click chemistry the modified proteins can be linked to other molecular entities fast and reliably. The company can do this in E. coli as well as CHO cells.

The roots of Valanx lie at the Technical University of Graz where founder and CEO Michael Lukesch conducted research towards his PhD. Realizing the potential of his discoveries, he decided to implement the findings to develop biologics with superior properties.

The rationale to invest in Valanx was linked to the conjuncture of the emerging need for a simple and precise protein conjugation platform, the availability of new tools related to click chemistry and CRISPR, and the specific solutions of Valanx technology. This perfect storm of a large demand and the emergence of a possible solution in the hands of an excellent team provided the basis for our investment decision. Early interest from industry further supported the case. We are happy that Pascal Deschatelets, CTO of Apellis Pharmaceuticals, joined the Board of Valanx in 2022.

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