VitreaLab is commercializing integrated laser powered photonic devices that will transform displays as we know them. Inspired by quantum photonic technologies, VitreaLab developed its “Quantum Light Engine” which is a light source capable of illuminating AR, VR, and 3D displays with laser light of unprecedented brightness and perfect colour quality while consuming just a fraction of the energy needed by other technologies.

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VitreaLab has the potential to revolutionize the way we build and experience displays. 2D displays are everywhere, AR and VR are just taking off, and 3D displays are within reach. For all of these, VitreaLab can offer superior solutions based on laser light with much higher brightness, color gamut, and at significantly lower energy consumption than competing technologies.


Central to the company’s IP portfolio is the ability to control laser light on a microscopic level by “writing” waveguides in 3D in thin glass slabs and manipulating the light without losing polarization and coherence. This has application in use cases ranging from next generation 2D displays to AR goggles, holographic displays, as well as sensing and telecommunication.

The founders of VitreaLab developed the underlying technology while conducting research at the physics department of the University of Vienna in collaboration with experts at the Politecnico of Milano. The company was incorporated in 2018 in Vienna and moved into its own labs shortly thereafter to expand footprint and industrialize the methods.

We decided to invest in VitreaLab because of the enormous prospect that was inherent to VitreaLab’s core technology that enables them to apply laser light in various display applications and bring performance to a new level as well as enable completely new display applications. This exceptional and ambitious team continues to impress us with their ability to advance this technology towards the market.

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